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CT Metal Recycles Historic Brass Mill

(Ansonia, CT) Connecticut Metal Industries (CMI) will be expanding its foil recycling facility into a 101-year-old brass mill located in Ansonia, CT, the historic heartland of the American brass industry. The expansion will revamp the 20,000 square foot indoor operation by more than doubling its size.

Located just across the river from the Ansonia Brass & Copper Company (which was founded in the 1850’s), CT Metal’s facility is housed in one of the country’s first reinforced concrete structures. Built in 1909, this old brass mill was constructed with the patented Ransome System. This technique used reinforced concrete and twisted steel bar for the entire building.  Ernest L. Ransome, the inventor of re-bar, was considered a radical in his day and contemporary architects were certain his buildings would be short lived.  In 1903, journalists predicted the immediate collapse of Ransome’s first reinforced concrete skyscraper, the 15-story Ingalls Building in Cincinnati.  Like the Connecticut Metal building, it is still in use today.

The previous occupant of Connecticut Metal’s facility was the Fluidyne Company, a manufacturer of brass plumbing parts. “The floors are still impregnated with brass turning, a reminder of the long legacy of brass manufacturing in the Naugatuck River Valley,” said Tom Mele, president of CMI. “We are delighted to continue Connecticut’s metalworking lineage in such an interesting building.”      

Connecticut Metal specializes in recovering metal from all types of aluminum foil as well as paper and plastic foil laminates. In addition to its Ansonia processing operation, the company maintains a collection warehouse in Atlanta and two facilities in India.

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