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Using old tires as a building material?

New Scrap Tires Technology Produces T-Blocks

United States Scrap Tire Analogy

Colorado - Approximately 300 million used car and truck tires are generated in the U.S. each year. More than 90% end up in landfills, create fire hazard, insect breeding grounds and rodent habitat.

“Our research, over the last couple of years, for a positive solution or use for scrap tires, has culminated into a product called T-Blocks” stated, Gerald Harrington, Managing Director, of PMGI/Productive Recycling. “Scrap tires are not only a waste of valuable landfill space but a more serious waste of what is now a viable resource. To illustrate the magnitude of the used tire problem the governments, Solid Waste Management, reports indicate, there is one scrap tire produced for every three people in the United States”.

The goal of PMGI was to look for an economical way to create types of products made of used tires. They believe what is produced to be a practical and decorative use of old tires.

Their new waste-tire technology (Patent Pending) called T-Blocks, which are produced from old tires and concrete. T-Blocks provide a variety of uses such as soil erosion control and slope protection. Wetlands reconstruction, flood control, dike and levee construction, culverts and weirs, holding ponds, channels and small dams. T-Blocks would be excellent sub-foundation stabilizers or crucial point cushions where vibration is a factor.

The program, “Tire Recycling Cooperative of America”, is member based and where producers will operate as independent businesses for collection, fabrication and T-Block delivery. Each T-Block Operation area will be exclusive and defined by a population of 300,000.

Local junk or salvage yards are the ideal purveyors for scrap tires. A valued component to the tire purveyor is the “Royalty Payment” part of the program. While the Tire Purveyor pays the standard fee for tire removal they earn a monetary return from each T-Block sale, reaching as much as seven times the disposal charge. The more than 17,000 auto salvage yards nationwide become the prime Tire Purveyors and could also be the area T-Block Operation.

Becoming a member takes a small investment which is actually prepayment foe their T-Block Machine Lease and provides an excellent opportunity to be in business with minimal startup capital and plenty of help. In addition T-Block Operations play a major environmental role while reducing the number of used tires.

In asking about the process, Harrington explained, “A mobile processing machine is used to prepare tires for fabrication, of both standard and specialty T-Blocks, right at the tire purveyors location and concrete is utilized. We continue to do research for optional encapsulating materials”.

Standard blocks are 44 inches square and up to 6 feet in length and starting at 1800 lbs. Interlocking design can be incorporated for retaining-wall construction and allows for watertight seals when desired or necessary. Each block consumes 20 to 40 used tires and internal reinforcement assures structural integrity. Surface treatment, such as, exposed aggregate or polished appearance can also be created.

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